What is a Garment Steamer Used For

A garment steamer is a device that uses high temperature steam to reduce wrinkles from garments and fabrics. While large sized industrial steamers have been used for quite some time, a recent development in this industry has been the miniaturization of the device to create small handheld versions that are being used extensively now for household use, traveling and most importantly in garments showrooms and outlets – yes, this is the device you may have seen being used by sales attendants in retail outlets to straighten clothes. Steameradvisors website has everything you need.

Garment steamers help to soften the fibers of fabrics instead of thermally flattening the fibers (as is done in the case of traditional ironing). This is thus a more gentle way of handling fabrics besides reducing chances of burns, scorches or scalds. This also enables these steamers to reduce wrinkles from delicate fibers like silk (which is otherwise very difficult to manage using conventional ironing).

Though not yet as popular as the traditional iron in households, garment steamers are a quick, damage-free and easy way to remove wrinkles, and can be used on a wide array of fabrics. However, while garment steamers can work wonders on most cottons, silks, wool, and polyesters, some fabrics should not be steamed. Theseinclude suede, or materials that that can melt, such as plastic. It is thus advisable to check the fabric care labels before using the steamer, or to alternately test the steamer on a small part of the fabric first.

The most common steamers today are thus handheld, and easy to use. One needs to fill up the garment steamer with water and allow the same to heat to create steam. Applying the steam from the device nozzle on to the hung up fabrics helps soften their fibers, thus straightening them and efficiently removing wrinkles. Not only for daily clothes, these steamers are also useful to straighten out curtains and cushions without needing to remove them from their actual settings.