3 Quick Reasons to Wear a Watch

Watches have been a symbol of status, wealth, sophistication, and the wearer’s personality since their inception as pocket watches hundreds of years ago. Since then, little has changed aside from the basic structure (watches are now worn on the wrist rather than in the pocket). With generations upon generations of tradition backing them up, high-quality and visually appealing watches are practically a must for modern men, and add significantly to the style of women. Here are three quick reasons to add a nice watch to your daily outfit and the watchamania site is a good source of info.


watches2This first point is simple, yet important. Watches are, above all, an accessory, and if worn correctly, can add a flair to anyone’s outfit. A good watch tells others that the wearer has good fashion sense, exquisite taste, and a solid understanding of fine dress. However, this can also be a double-edged blade, as mismatched or unsightly watches can negatively impact one’s style. However, for those looking to keep up their visual image, a watch is an excellent means to this end. Buy best watches under $500 and get what you want to wear.


Many have scorned watches in recent years as computers, smartphones, and tablets have become effective methods of keeping time. However, the functionality of watches remains intact, and is often more accessible than these pocket or pack-bound devices. Furthermore, advanced watches can tell expanded data, such as days, months, and years, and may have custom-set timers as well. When taking into consideration digital or smart watches, functionality only increases, as many tasks available on a phone or tablet can now be performed directly on the wrist. The future is now!


For men in particular, watch-wearing is a tradition to be upheld, and should carry a good weight of sentimental value. Watches are among the most commonly passed down family heirlooms, and many today wear the watches of their ancestors. Regardless if you have such an heirloom or not, wearing watches simply out of respect for tradition is always an important factor to consider.